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Diet Buddy

Thin to Win!

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This community was created for my friends and I to record our foods eaten, exercises completed, goal progress, and anything we might find that will inspire each other to lose weight.

As a first entry, please contemplate the following questions -

1. What is your initial weight loss goal? (How many lbs?)
2. What is your ultimate weight loss goal? (How many lbs?)
3. What do you think is a reasonable deadline to reach your ultimate weight loss goal? (date?)
4. How do you plan to reach this goal? (diet/exercise plan?)
5. What obstacles do you expect to encounter on your weight loss journey?
6. How do you plan to overcome those obstacles? (Remember, substitution works wonders!)
7. How do you envision your life to be different when you reach your weight loss goal?
8. What are your main reasons to lose weight?
9. How can we support you in your weight loss journey?